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  • ECAIA carafe Ecaia von Sanuslife - 1
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    ECAIA carafe


    The ECAIA Carafe is a mineral-rich flow-through water ionizer, which is able to remove the water's harmful substances, to positively change its properties and to harmoniously round off the taste of ECAIA water.

    In contrast to an electric water ionizer, the carafe does not require any electric current. Activated carbon granulate cleans the water of pollutants.

    Drinkable tap water is in short supply in many holiday countries. Contaminated springs, wells, containers and dilapidated pipe systems make the tap water in many hotels undrinkable. With the ECAIA carafe you can prepare your own drinking water on the road. This saves you a lot of money and you can enjoy your water with a clear conscience.

    • 2 ECAIA cartridges (filter cartridges) included
    • All-in-one filter cartridge
    • With the "energizing plate" energizing unit
    • Special food-safe plastics
    • BPA free
    • Digital timer for cartridge change
    • Simple filter change without costly maintenance

    ECAIA stands for Energized, Clean, AIkaline, Ionized and Antioxidant. Additional information about the ECAIA carafe can be found here.

  • ECAIA cartridge Ecaia von Sanuslife - 1
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    ECAIA cartridge


    Exchange cartridge ECAIA carafe, suitable for mineral flow water ionizer ECAIA carafe.

    • Filtration of pollutants up to 99%
    • Filters only pollutants, important minerals are retained in the water
    • Prevents the reproduction of microorganisms
    • Increases the base value up to pH 9.5, reaches a redox value up to -400mV
    • Absorbs chlorine, odours and colours

  • ECAIA glass (6 pcs.)


    SANUSLIFE drinking glass made of robust borosilicate glass. Thin, light, handy and stylish.
    Scope of delivery: 6 drinking glasses

        Drinking glass made of borosilicate glass
        Very light and robust
        Versatile to use