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Ecaia Wasserprodukte

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  • ECAIA carafe


    The ECAIA Carafe is a mineral-rich flow-through water ionizer, which is able to remove the water's harmful substances, to positively change its properties and to harmoniously round off the taste of ECAIA water.

    In contrast to an electric water ionizer, the carafe does not require any electric current. Activated carbon granulate cleans the water of pollutants.

    Drinkable tap water is in short supply in many holiday countries. Contaminated springs, wells, containers and dilapidated pipe systems make the tap water in many hotels undrinkable. With the ECAIA carafe you can prepare your own drinking water on the road. This saves you a lot of money and you can enjoy your water with a clear conscience.

    • 2 ECAIA cartridges (filter cartridges) included
    • All-in-one filter cartridge
    • With the "energizing plate" energizing unit
    • Special food-safe plastics
    • BPA free
    • Digital timer for cartridge change
    • Simple filter change without costly maintenance

    ECAIA stands for Energized, Clean, AIkaline, Ionized and Antioxidant. Additional information about the ECAIA carafe can be found here.

  • ECAIA cartridge


    Exchange cartridge ECAIA carafe, suitable for mineral flow water ionizer ECAIA carafe.

    • Filtration of pollutants up to 99%
    • Filters only pollutants, important minerals are retained in the water
    • Prevents the reproduction of microorganisms
    • Increases the base value up to pH 9.5, reaches a redox value up to -400mV
    • Absorbs chlorine, odours and colours

  • ECAIA glass (6 pcs.)


    SANUSLIFE drinking glass made of robust borosilicate glass. Thin, light, handy and stylish.
    Scope of delivery: 6 drinking glasses

        Drinking glass made of borosilicate glass
        Very light and robust
        Versatile to use

  • ECAIA glass jug S


    This borosilicate glass carafe with integrated "e-smog protected-plate" from memon is compatible with the ECAIA carafe S and is suitable for filling with ECAIA water and other beverages.

        Handmade glass carafe made of robust borosilicate glass
        With integrated "e-smog protected-plate" from memon
        Suitable for ECAIA carafe S
        Ideal for filling with ECAIA water

  • ECAIA ionizer


    The ECAIA ionizer is an electric flow-through water ionizer. Its strength lies above all in its excellent filter performance (double filter system developed by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL).

    The mechanical rotary valve, made of ceramic, ensures a particularly long service life and allows use with or without electricity. The intelligent and patented self-diagnosis function allows correct and automatic adjustment of the pH value, independent of the current flow. In addition, there are 28 individual setting options, which make the ECAIA ionizer truly a universal device.

    For this article a shipping surcharge of EUR 4,- will be added!

  • ECAIA+ allhygienics 250


    ECAIA+ allhygienics 250ml is a disinfecting and odour-neutralising hygiene spray in aqueous solution, ready to use. It removes more than 99,9 % of germs, bacteria and viruses.

    • 3-in-1: Hygiene, cleaning and odour neutralising agent in one
    • Removes more than 99,9 % of germs, bacteria and viruses
    • Rated "VERY GOOD" by Dermatest GmbH
    • Has a bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, levurocidal and sporicidal effect depending on the time of exposure
    • Without alcohol, colorants, preservatives, perfume
    • Non-combustible
    • Made in Germany

    Ingredients: water (98,50%), sodium chloride (
    Special feature: Rated "VERY GOOD" by the German research institute "Dermatest GmbH" for "dermatological tests on humans".

    Instruction manual:
    ECAIA+ allhygienics can be sprayed on or applied with a dry cloth. To disinfect, carefully moisten the surface that already appears clean (approx. 1ml/10cm2) until a thin, slightly moist layer is formed.

    Exposure times: 60 seconds (bactericidal-fungicidal-levurocidal), 5 minutes (virucidal-sporicidal). After the appropriate exposure time, the excess liquid can be absorbed with a clean dry cloth.

    Storage: Store in the original packaging. Keep the container well closed. Protect from cold, heat and direct sunlight. Do not store at temperatures below 0°C and above 25°C. Always read the label and product information before use.

    Effective for at least 12 months from date of production if stored correctly.
    Use within 12 weeks after opening.

    Warning: Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use. Product may bleach. Please check material compatibility. Keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental ingestion, please contact the nearest poison control centre/doctor if you feel unwell.

    BAuA number: N-77431
    Product type: PT 1,2,3,4,5
    Use for private and commercial applications
    250 ml e

  • Storage package ECAIA...


    3x exchange cartridges for ECAIA carafe (pack of 3), suitable for mineral flow water ionizer ECAIA carafe.

    • Filtration of pollutants up to 99%
    • Only filters pollutants, important minerals are retained
    • Prevents the reproduction of microorganisms
    • Absorbs chlorine, odours and colours
    • Long supply, enough for half a year!
    • Cheaper than single cartridges