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  • Birch Hydrolate organic


    The natural birch hydrolate bio has a firming effect and is also very suitable as a base for a firming oil, as a cleansing facial tonic or as a raw material for natural cosmetics.

  • Camomile Hydrolate organic


    The delicately hay-scented organic camomile hydrolate from France is obtained by steam distillation of the blossoms and flowering shoots of the Roman camomile (Chamaemelum nobile).

  • Cistus Hydrolate organic


    Cistrose hydrosol has a strong astringent (astringent) effect. This property is ideal for minor skin injuries or after shaving. It helps to stop bleeding and is very soothing to the skin.

  • Elderflower Hydrolate organic


    The organic elderflower hydrolate offered here is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering elderberry umbels and exudes a delicate, delicately flowery fragrance. In natural cosmetics, elderflower hydrolate is recommended for skin problems, skin irritations and acne.

  • Immortelle Hydrolate organic


    The herbaceous-scented immortelle hydrolate in organic quality without added alcohol is suitable for refreshment, skin care and is ideal for athletes and families with bright children.

  • Lavender Hydrolate organic


    Lavender hydrolate organic is suitable as a facial tonic for all skin types, especially for irritated skin and for supportive care in acne. For hair care in case of oily hair, for mouth care and for compresses. Ideal for after-sun care and for mental calming in cases of stress and irritability. It has a refreshing, cleansing and clarifying effect.

  • Melissa Hydrolate organic


    Melissa hydrolate organic has a fine, slightly grassy smell that most people find very pleasant. It is suitable as a facial tonic for impure skin, for hair care for oily hair, for mouth care, for compresses for impure and sensitive skin, for bruises and contusions, for mixing natural perfumes and in aroma cooking.

  • Orange Blossom Hydrolate...


    Organic orange blossom hydrolate is ideal for use as a facial toner. Thanks to its germicidal effect, it is often used as the basis for a natural deodorant. The fine fragrance supports the regeneration of the skin and has a mood-lifting effect on a psychological level.

  • Organic Pine (Zirbe) Hydrolate


    The forest-fresh smelling pine hydrolate in organic quality is obtained by steam distillation of the young branch tips. It is ideal as a calming room spray for more peace, balance and better sleep. As a skin care product for facial cleansing, organic Swiss stone pine hydrolate has a toning and refreshing effect.

  • Peppermint Hydrolate organic


    Peppermint hydrolate organic is particularly suitable as a cooling body spray in summer. Spray the hydrolate on your face and neck area - the plant water promotes clear thinking and refreshes the mind. In case of circulation problems, spray on the neck, bends of the arms and back of the knees to stabilise.

  • Rose Hydrolate organic


    Mit diesem wundervoll duftenden Rosenwasser wird die Hautreinigung zum Vergnügen. Als Gesichtswasser für trockene und reife Haut, aber auch für empfindliche Babyhaut bestens geeignet. Wirkt beruhigend, antiseptisch und pflegend.

  • Rosemary Hydrolate organic


    The scent of rosemary hydrolate organic is herbaceous and fresh! Like the essential rosemary oil, the hydrolate has a stimulating effect and gets the circulation going - so it is ideal as a facial tonic for the morning or as an activating hair tonic!

  • Sage Hydrolate


    The aromatologist and author Mrs. Ingrid Kleindienst-John recommends using sage hydrosol as a gargle solution for the vocal cords and to increase the ability to learn and remember.

  • Sandalwood Hydrolate organic


    The delicately sensual scent of sandalwood hydrolate is ideal for body care - be it natural facial cleansing, a refreshing body spray or a naturally pure deodorant with an antiperspirant effect. The natural sandalwood hydrolate in organic quality is extracted from the real sandalwood, Santalum album, and does not contain any additives such as alcohol or preservatives.

  • Witch Hazel Hydrolate organic


    Natural witch hazel hydrolate in organic quality is an aromatically fragrant plant water for refreshing, facial cleansing and for stirring natural cosmetics. The astringent hydrolate is particularly suitable for impure, rough-pored, irritated and oily skin.