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Klangei next - Soul, Heart and Paradise Flute SET white

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Music for Meditation and Healing 432Hz
Let yourself be enchanted by Karin Leitner and her magical flute playing!

Karin brings with her extraordinary, meditative flute playing heavenly vibrations in the form of music on our earth. This SD card was played and recorded together with Michael Hammer at extraordinary places of power. Michael is a musician and composer from the USA and is internationally known for his high vibrational, transcendental meditation music.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Healing vibrations for your centres of consciousness - planetary gongs for the chakras.

What's included:

    Klangei next including remote control, Eibag (carrying bag) and charging cable.
   GONG soundcreation SD card for use on the body, for meditation, relaxation, balancing and activation.


The Klangei next is unique and cannot be compared to any other vibration player in the world!

What is the Klangei® next ?

The Klangei next is a vibration player of the latest generation. It has no loudspeaker. With its resonator, the Klangei next makes the surface on which it stands vibrate through the vibrations of the base. The table, the floor, the window or even you yourself become a resonating body for you. The music and sounds on our microSD cards thus become audible and tangible.

The Klangei next has been equipped with many innovations. We are all the more pleased when together we make the world a little bit more loving, colourful, musical and relaxed. But see for yourself!

The new Klangei generation in three colours

Sunrise Gold, the classic in a warm golden tone stands for stability, truth and fullness.
Moonlight Silver reminds us of clarity and awakens the soulful power within us. Both have been given a noble Piano Black finish. Our newcomer is Pearl White, which reminds us of the light, peaceful and infinite and completes our composition of three.

The accessories

The practical Eibag (transport bag) is already included in the delivery. The Klangei next is compatible with the accessories of the old Klangei - suction cup, body glider and Eifix. Headphones complete the range of accessories.

The Klangei music is wonderful for relaxing, as background music, for meditating, for learning and for falling asleep. They are suitable for all age groups.

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