Lifehacks für die Aromaküche  - 1
  • Lifehacks für die Aromaküche  - 1

Lifehacks für die Aromaküche

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Refining food and drinks with essential oils

by Karin Opitz-Kreher


Essential oils are not only full of aroma, they are also a booster for health, because they contain the concentrated power of plants. So why should we only enjoy their smell? The oils expert and passionate hobby cook Karin Opitz-Kreher describes in her delicious recipes how we can powerfully spice up our food with the concentrated plant essences. With refined fragrances and flavors, we give our dishes that certain zing and incidentally support our health, because the valuable ingredients of essential oils can heal, detoxify and rejuvenate!

Asparagus salad with lemon oil, grilled tomatoes with marjoram oil or a tart with lavender oil? From savory to sweet, from snack to feast: Here, every creation offers a drop more pleasure.

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