Eyvo 5 - Set Neuroimpulse High & Deep im original Klangei platin, jetzt eyvo Eyvosense -  das original Klangei,  jetzt eyvo - 1

Eyvo 5 - Set Neuroimpulse High & Deep im original Klangei platin, jetzt eyvo

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Eyvo including SD card Neuroimpulse High & Deep, video impulses, remote control, charging cable and instruction manual.

Yvonne van Dyck gives application tips on the audio samples. The SD card is without voice.


Eyvo ... the fascination of perceptible sound
In our hectic times, it is not always easy to be in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. eyvo helps to restore harmony and recharge your batteries.

The original Klangei, now eyvo with even stronger battery and new logo.

Eyvo does not have a loudspeaker, it makes you and any resonant object into one. Eyvo, known in German-speaking countries as Klangei, embraces you and every one of your cells with good vibes by making the vibration of music palpable.

Eyvo promotes conscious listening, feeling and sometimes seeing ... Unpack it and then, let your exploratory urge run wild. Experiment with how eyvo sounds on different resonating bodies. On your table, on upholstered furniture, with the suction cup on the window ... hold it against your head and feel how it is to hear music "inside you". (If you hold eyvo in the air, the music should only be audible very softly). We would love for you to share your personal "eyvo moment" with us.
SD card included - High & Deep Neuroimpulse

Being able to choose your own mood is even more important in these turbulent times! Train your brain and choose the vibrations you want to be in during the day and night.

Neuroimpulses are sounds that affect your brainwaves - allowing you to choose your inner state.

You may be familiar with binaural beats? They are based on differences between stereo left and right and are not suitable for the sound egg.
The Neuroimpulse series is based on isochronous vibrations, which are ideal for experiencing with the eyvo Klangei.
eyvo allows you to feel isochronous sounds as well, giving even better impulses to your brain waves.

Incl. video course with background information and application ideas.
You will receive the link to the course after your purchase.

The brainwaves:
Delta 0.1 to < 4 Hz - Mostly dreamless deep sleep, deep trance.
Theta 4 to < 8 Hz - Trance, deep relaxation, meditation and light sleep phases
Alpha 8 to 13 Hz - Light relaxation or relaxed wakefulness
Beta 13 to 38 Hz - waking consciousness or during active concentration
Gamma 38 to < 100 Hz - transformation or neural reorganization, heightened awareness.
Title and application list:
01 Good Morning Wake Up | 18 Hz 1.8 Beta | 15 min.
02 Come on ... go! Anti procrastination | 18 Beta | 15 Min
03 Pure joy of life - let go! | 20 Beta | 15 Min
04 Genius Flow get into the flow state | 15 SMR | 30 Min
05 Good Mood Gamma further Horizon 45 Gamma | 30 Min
06 Immune Booster | 6,5 - 13 Hz Theta/Alpha | 30 Min

07 Cocoon and Relaxation | 7.83 Hz Theta | 30 Min
08 Train your brain for sleep during the day | 15 Hz SMR | 30 Min
09 Helping you to fall asleep gently | 7.83 to 1.05 Theta/Delta | 60 Min
10 Sleep | | 14 to 1.05 alpha/theta/delta | 35 min
11 Sleep aid brown noise | 14 Hz to 1.05 Theta/Delta | 60 Min
12 Sleep aid pink noise | 14 Hz to 1.05 theta/delta | 60 min
13 Sleep aid white noise | 14 Hz to 1.05 theta/delta | 60 min

Total playing time: 7:50 hours

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