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  • copy of Shungite Pendant drilled  - 1
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Precious Shungite Water Stones

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Shungite, a special healing and power stone from Karelia, is the stone of purification, regeneration and rejuvenation.
As a water stone, shungite purifies and activates drinking water to stimulate cleansing, purifying and regenerative processes in the body.


30 grams of precious shungite in a bag

The shungite or also written schungite, is a black coal rock formed from algae, pure carbon, which has a more or less strong metallic luster depending on the quality. It mostly comes from the Shunga region in Karelia, Russia, which also gave shungite its name.

Shungite has become one of the most popular minerals in stone healing in recent years. On a spiritual level, it promotes the realization of intentions. Destructive thoughts and old habits can be released more easily through shungite, so that promising plans can be developed. It is used as an energetic protection stone that absorbs negative energies.

Shungite is considered to be a very cleansing stone, on all levels, and is therefore popular for making clean, energetic active waters. For the purification of the personal aura he is worn with pleasure as a donut, chain , pendant or bracelet on the body.

In addition, shungite is said to have a strong rejuvenating, regenerating effect - it is the classic anti-aging stone that is supposed to protect us from the effects of electrosmog and other harmful rays.

Shungite pyramids, spheres, slabs, cuboids and cubes made of shungite are used to energize working, living and sleeping spaces.

In addition to the energetic and decorative effect, objects made of shungite are often used as a counterbalance against electromagnetic radiation and placed next to computers or laptops.
Thanks to its purifying effect, shungite is often used for the production of clean, energetic active water.
As a healing and jewelry stone, shungite is popular in many variations, for example, as a pendant, necklace or bracelet.

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