Klangei accessories Eifix

Klangei Eifix

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Your sound furniture!
Turn your furniture into sound furniture!
Ei-fix made of high-quality stainless steel for mounting the Klangei next on wooden furniture.
The fixed connection allows the Klangei next to be played louder without distortion.
Including two pieces of wood fixing screws.


Turn your furniture into sound furniture!
The Eifix is the link between your wooden furniture and the Klangei.
Attach it to the underside of the table, to the back of the chair, to the bed and transform your furniture into sound bodies... There are no limits to your imagination.

Delivery includes two screws

Perfect for:

    Massage/therapy tables - your treatments will be even more intensive and pleasant for your clients.
    your dining table - to make it a special experience. The music can be heard and felt over the table.
    Your bed/baby cot - you transform it into a sound bed. Pure relaxation while falling asleep.
    Your desk - it is set into vibration by the sound egg and you focus better on your work.
    Your armchair - it becomes a sound chair.
    your garden furniture, whirlpool (on the wooden panelling), sauna.
    and so much more ...