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Faceted amethyst pendant

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Amethyst, the violet variety of crystal quartz, was named after the Greek amethystos, “not drunk”, as it was generally thought to prevent drunkenness.

Amethyst can be found all over the world; the often impressively large amethyst druses from Brazil, formed in cavity bubbles in volcanic rocks, are well known. The violet color is caused by the inclusion of iron.


Stone size: approx. 22 x 17 mm, set in 925 Sterling silver

This gemstone pendant is set in 925 Sterling silver.

Mineralogy: Light to dark purple crystal quartz

Locations: Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Zambia, Namibia, Austria, Sri Lanka, Madagascar

The healing effects of amethyst described in the literature are manifold: antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, recommended for skin problems of all kinds, respiratory diseases, stress symptoms and in particular headaches, migraines and tension.

Amethyst is considered a good support for addiction treatment, coping with difficult life tasks and losses. It promotes concentration, creativity and intuition and facilitates access to spiritual experiences. Amethyst is also used as a protective stone against negative energies, water veins and earth radiation.

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