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Turquoise pendant

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Turquoise has been a coveted gemstone since ancient times. The mineral turquoise is named after the color of the stone. There are also apple-green varieties of turquoise. Famous sites are found in the USA (Arizona), Israel and China.


Stone size: approx. 17 x 22 mm, set in 925 Sterling silver  

Turquoise has always been one of the most popular protective stones, worn as an amulet or talisman to protect against danger and bad luck. Today it is still often used as a protective stone for travel or for dangerous sports.

Turquoise also stands for communication, it is a stone that strengthens the power of expression, raises self-confidence and also has a positive influence on creativity.

According to healing stone literature, turquoise is also regarded as "the classic stone for health", which is why turquoise jewelry is often given to babies and children as well as weak and sick people to strengthen and heal them.

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