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Tourmaline blue (Indigolite) pendant

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Tourmalines come in many different colors. The blue variety is called indigolite and is one of the rarer ones.

The name tourmaline comes from the old Sinhalese word "toramali", which means mixed gemstones and already indicates the variety of different colors that can be found in this mineral.


Stone size: approx. 21 x 21 mm, set in 925 Sterling silver  

Special properties are attributed to each color of tourmaline:

    Black (schorl) - stands for protection and grounding
    Pink to red (rubellite) - for harmony and heart
    Yellow to brown (dravite) - for creativity and expression
    Green (verdelite) - for nerves and youthfulness

Tourmalines come in almost every color imaginable, including two or even three colors in one gemstone, e.g. the watermelon tourmaline with green and red.

Tourmalines are regarded as very powerful healing stones and as popular and often very valuable gemstones, such as the intense blue-turquoise Paraiba tourmaline. The different colors of tourmaline are often worn together in a colorful variety as a piece of jewelry to provide healing support for the entire body and soul.

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