HP bead cord white Griffin - 1
  • HP bead cord white Griffin - 1

HP bead cord white

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The Griffin High Performance Pearl Silk is almost untearable, it is made of special high-tech fibres and is only available in white. Each card contains 2 m of thread with an integrated beading needle.


GRIFFIN High Performance is manufactured from special molecularly compressed high-tech fibers. The tensile strength is incredible: even the smallest thread diameter is practically impossible to tear by hand. These fibers are 15 times stronger than steel, making them the strongest fibers in the world. They therefore offer your jewellery absolute security.

Nevertheless, GRIFFIN High Performance Pearl Silk is silky soft and supple and can be processed very easily. Since High Performance does not expand, necklaces and chains made with it will not sag over time.

The high-tech solution: extremely strong and incredibly tear-resistant.

GRIFFIN High Performance is only available in white in ten different thread counts. Each card contains two meters of thread with an integrated binding needle.

As a guideline for the selection of the suitable threading silk, please take the approximate thread diameter from the table:

No. 0 0.30mm
No. 1 0.35mm
No. 2 0.45mm
No. 3 0.50mm
No. 4 0.60mm
No. 5 0,65mm
No. 6 0.70mm
No. 7 0.75mm
No. 8 0.80mm
No. 10 0.90mm
No. 12 0.98mm

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